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You are Your Media

Every company must operate as a media company.

All companies—be they wineries, automakers, or charities—should be putting out content across social media channels to reach their desired audiences. Without a social media presence, a company effectively doesn’t exist. However, there’s more to it than just posting content for the sake of having a social-media presence. Companies and brands have to be savvy about what, when, and how they post. For example, not every company needs to use Twitter or Facebook to reach its audience. To be effective as a brand on social media, a company needs to provide valuable content to its users—and understand that not all platforms are created equal. Content designed for a tweet would not work on a blog. Visuals for Instagram might not work on LinkedIn. A company must evaluate the platforms most relevant to its audience, and then create customized content for each platform.

General Electric does a wonderful job of executing this strategy. Their company magazine, GE Reports, has won industry accolades. But the magazine’s stories are often long and would be hard to summarize for Twitter. So GE created a special Twitter handle just for the magazine. It directs traffic to the magazine’s website with snappy, 140-character headlines and compelling images.

The best media strategies should always offer value to customers and potential customers. If every piece of content feels like an advertisement with no takeaway for the reader or viewer, people won’t engage with the brand online.

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