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Using Instagram AR Filter to Improve Your Campaigns

Updated: May 21, 2020

Most people that have an Instagram account have tried some form of Instagram filter on their Stories. You have most definitely have seen your Instagram friends used it on their Stories. The AR filters on Instagram have been a powerful viral marketing tool for the platform but it’s surprising that not many brand marketers are harnessing that power yet. This could be due to the lack of understanding of AR campaigns and the measurability of those campaigns.

Making Your AR Filter Discoverable

You can create your own AR Filter and have it used by Instagram users. Not sure where to begin? Contact us to have your filter created! Once you have one, it will be published onto your brand’s profile and can be accessed through a dedicated filter tab that falls under your Highlight reels. Every time you use the said filter, it gets the word out there and viewers can easily use the filter too through the “Try It” feature. This creates a chain of users for your brand’s filter.

Examples of Brands with custom Instagram Stories AR Filter:

1. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetic’s AR filter allows Instagrammers to “try on” different lipsticks from Kylie’s Lip Kits. This is a fun and interactive way for consumers to explore products and match them to their skin tone before purchasing. All of these also contribute to subtle marketing and advertising of the brand to their consumers’ fanbase.

2. Disney’s Mickey and Minnie AR Filter

Adults and kids alike enjoy adding Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears to their photos and videos. The filter allows selection from several different styles which makes it even more interesting.

Even though it’s a just-for-fun filter, it has great shareable value and promotes brand recall.

3. Innisfree Singapore Jeju Cherry Blossom AR Filter Instagram Story Contest.

Innisfree Singapore uses AR Filter to run its social campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Participants are required to snap a selfie using AR Filter prior to uploading them on Instagram Story. The participants are also required to tag Innisfree.

This is a great way to leverage participants’ IG followers to spread brand awareness and recall.

I Want to Drive Engagement with My Brand’s Instagram Filter

One important thing to consider is the visibility and searchability of your brand’s Instagram AR Filter. It will require a multi-channel strategy to get effective impressions. Posting it in one place and at one time simply isn’t strategic enough.

Influencer marketing is one option to consider during the launch of your IG AR Filter Campaign. Please contact us if you’d like to explore influencer marketing! As seen in the examples above, contests can be used to create noise for the launch of your filter. Consistency too is important and can be achieved by engaging a set of influencers or micro-influencers to feature your filter in their IG Stories over a span of several weeks. Filters can also be used for Instagram Live content, an example of another way to launch your AR experience.

One important objective of creating and spreading Instagram AR filters is to transform the audience from passive observers into active participants. This also empowers the audience to be ambassadors of your brand, albeit unknowingly.

Reach out to us to start harnessing the power of this viral marketing tool and see how we can help you create an engaging social media campaign!

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