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With crisis comes opportunity

As the coronavirus unleashed its full fury on the world, forcing people to go into isolation resulting in financial insecurity, the old ways of engaging with customers have now become obsolete.

With customers becoming more cautious on spending, brands are now upping their ante on content marketing to reach out to them. Here are 4 great case studies on how a crisis can be turned into an opportunity via smart content marketing.

1. Kitschen

With grimness lingering in the air all around, Kitschen quickly switched to a non-selling mode, and instead focused on lifting the spirits of their staff, vendors and followers. This move showed that the brand is not insensitive to the environment and the subtle elements of business.

A simple video involving music, dance and a positive message is all it takes to tell others that the brand is there with them. To be friends with their consumers instead of something that feels far away. What some may call humanising the brand.

2. McDonald

McDonald’s uploaded a new profile picture that mimicked social distancing across all its social media channels. This immediately rallied consumers to their cause as it showed an empathetic side of the fast food giant standing in solidarity with the rest of the world.

3. Nirvana Malaysia

The Local Funeral Service provider shared several posts on their Social media accounts jokingly reminding their followers to adhere to the MCO because if they don’t there might be some dire consequences.

4. Nike

As people go into shelter mode, the global shoe and athletic apparel giant immediately recognized the potential acquisition of millions of new customers. Nike immediately made its Nike Training Club subscription service free and began churning out workout contents and podcasts to all its apps, aiming to capture the millions of new people who will now need to work out indoors. Holding the key to this strategy together is their marketing campaign, Play for the World, which utilized Nike’s vast roster of athlete endorsers whom are also under quarantine to train together as 1 big family.

Regardless of the nature of business, the case studies above share 1 thing in common: brands are evolving themselves to become useful. In a nutshell, brands are positioning themselves to add value to the lives of consumers especially during trying times.

Obviously some industries will find that it is easier to do so in the current situation, but as the DoubleTree case study highlights, even severely affected industries can find their way round a crisis with compelling contents and a great story.

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