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In The Digital Age, Having A Personal Brand Is Important

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Becoming known for one’s expertise is a surefire way to open up a wide range of opportunities. The old dichotomy of having to choose between a dull job and financial stability has been largely eliminated by the internet, which offers the ability to communicate directly with potential consumers, fans, and clients.

These circumstances are likely to continue, as reliance on the internet for ideas and information only continues to increase. Analyst Mary Meeker of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins annually publishes a prominent analysis and forecast of internet use. The Internet Trends Report of 2018 notes that the number of users on the internet has reached 3.6 billion. As Meeker observes, billions of people now use the internet regularly. In the United States, digital media use per adult is 5.9 hours per day.

To make sense of the torrents of information flowing between billions of users, consumers are drawn to experts who can rise above the crowd by creating an individual brand that communicates an identity and area of trustworthy expertise, then provides value surrounding that expertise. Rather than agonize over a decision made fraught by too much information, users online can take the word of an influencer, that is, someone who has experience and expertise in a certain subject matter, and who can communicate that expertise to others in an engaging way.

Successful social media brands are the most authentic; brands that rely on inauthentic strategies risk embarrassing failure. Such was the case with the Fyre Fest, a music festival that multiple high-level influencers promoted, giving the impression that they would be attending and were excited about the event. The reality was that most of the influencers were paid, some upwards of six figures, to feign interest and promote the 2017 festival. The event never transpired, despite hundreds of people purchasing tickets and traveling to the Caribbean island on which it was to take place. The Fyre Festival organizers were highly skilled at promotions across social media, but ultimately failed to deliver what they had promised, resulting in multiple lawsuits. The paid influencers—including socialite Kendall Jenner, who received $250,000 for her social media endorsement—likewise suffered public embarrassment over the debacle, having breached the trust of their audience, which originally took them at their word.

Reputable brands take a long time to arrive at the top but just one blunder to tumble to the pits again. As such, hiring a team of experienced digital marketers makes a worthy and sound investment. We, BETA Social, are most concerned with brand growth and relevancy. We believe in using content to create value for a brand’s audience, thus creating genuine connection between brand and consumers. click here to find out more on how we can help to grow your business.

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